Identification You Trust

A non-profit organization supporting the need for affordable, secure, interoperable, federally trusted PIV-I credentials with the goal of driving widespread PIV-I adoption.

Chain of Trust

Gov't & Healthcare Organizations

Entity Relying upon PIV-I Cards for 2 and 3-factor verification for physical and logical access authorization.

Foundation for Trusted Identity

Personal Identity Verification Interopable solutions for federal, state, local, non-government agencies, and healthcare organizations.

STRAC Bridge Certification Authority

STRAC established the STRAC Bridge Certification Authority (SBCA) to reduce the cost and complexity of gaining PIV-I certification.

Federal Bridge Certification Authority

A cross-governmental, ubiquitous, interoperable Public Key Infrastructure designed to create trust paths among indivisual Agnecy PKIs.

Personal Identification Verification Interoperability Cards

A government agency, hospital, or other entity can rely upon the asserted identity of a PIV-I cardholder, regardless of the entity that issued or sponsored that card. Depending upon the relying party’s business rules for a particular application, electronic identity authentication with a PIV-I card can require only the card (one-factor authentication), the card and a PIN (two-factor), or the card, a PIN, and a matching biometric, such as a fingerprint (three-factor). Using PIV-I rather than the problematic username/password combination that is so common today eliminates the need for password resets, reduces human error, and can support non-repudiation where the situation calls for it.

STRAC Bridge Certificate Authority

Obtaining federal PIV-I certification is a complex and burdensome process that has been a barrier to development of a competitive market for PIV-I services, resulting in prices that were simply too high for state and local governments and healthcare entities. Based on its experience building and operating the STRAC-ID program, STRAC established the STRAC Bridge Certification Authority (SBCA) to reduce the cost and complexity of gaining PIV-I certification. The SBCA is federally certified and able to certify others to issue affordable and federally compliant PIV-I cards. The SBCA will be the key to facilitating proliferation of high-assurance PIV-I cards.

Authorization & Revocation

A PIV-I card can be electronically revoked immediately so that any relying party will know not to trust the cardholder’s asserted identity—in proper usage the card’s validity is electronically checked each time it is relied upon.


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